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In cold season, outdoor actions are always painful, but now things are different with latest Padre Electronics heated battery technology.

Heated Clothing Battery – Staying Warm in the Coldest Day of winter

If the freezing cold in the outdoors prevents you from the leaving the home, it is perhaps time to outfit yourself with the latest heat tech-gear that clothing manufacturers have introduced recently. This newest type of heat tech-gear can keep you comfortably warm even when the snow is falling and the temperature is below zero. Each clothing manufacturer uses its own technology in providing warm and comfortable clothing through heated clothing battery, through a bike’s electrical system and through gel packs.

The technology of heated clothing battery

There are two methods used in providing heat to motorcycle riding gear: through a portable heated clothing battery and the other through the 12-volt electrical system of the motorcycle itself. There is also a heated glove battery that can produce about 7.5 volts for each glove for approximately 2 hours. However, the heat generated by the heated glove battery is restricted and may not be sufficient in extremely cold temperatures. On the other hand, there is a 12-volt vehicle operated heated glove that produces unlimited 11 to 14 volts each. However, new technology has introduced the Li-on (lithium ion battery) and the Li-polymer (Lithium polymer battery) heated clothing battery that can provide heat to motorcycle cycle gloves and socks for several hours.  These are reliable technologies that can be used during winter; however, it is important to have a redundancy in case a sudden breakage in heating elements.

lithium ion heated gloves battery

lithium ion heated gloves battery

The technology of heated clothing through electrical current

This heated clothing technology makes use the electrical current from the motorbike’s electrical system. Large bikes often have sufficient on-board capacity to provide power to a 90-watt heated liner with pants, gloves and socks. However, there are certain factors that have to be taken into account. If the pants, gloves and socks are all connected to the motorbike’s electrical system, they can easily draw about 12 amps. A heat temperature controller is crucial because it can control the heat output of the body so that the power from on the bike’s electrical system can be kept down. Some of the heat temperature controllers that been introduced recently to the market are pulse-width modulators and not rheostat adjustable resistors.

The technology of heated clothing through gel packs

Chemical reaction-based heated clothing includes pockets or cloth pouches where packages of chemical hand warmers can be placed. The chemical hand warmers are in the form of cards with chemicals that produce heat. Traditionally, the hand warmers were in the form of a metal box with burning charcoal to provide heat. Today’s technology is a single-use heat pack containing gel that can be activated by simply twisting the package so that a chemical reaction can be triggered. There is also another technology where the gel is heated inside a microwave prior to going outdoors. The gel packs are inserted into pockets inside the garment to provide heat from 30 minutes to about 2 hours. While the gel packs are referred to as hand warmers, they can be used in other parts of the winter clothing like inside the boots or vests.