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Which one do you prefer? Lithium polymer battery or li-ion battery?

With the fast development of digital and electronics industry, the batteries used for them are drawing more and more attentions from designers and engineers. Two of the most popular batteries are lithium polymer battery and li-ion battery.

Lithium polymer battery

Lithium polymer battery

li-ion battery

li-ion battery

What’s the difference between them?

Lithium polymer battery uses solid electrolytes and soft aluminum foil packing; this feature makes it have great flexible shapes, light weight, high capacity, it can have 50% more capacity than aluminum case li ion battery with the same size. What’s more, its more safe, even the battery get problem like short-circuit under proper use, it will always just swear to bigger size and become fat, the pressure will be released, hence, no explosion will happen.

Li-ion battery, generally speaking, there are two types; cylindrical and prismatic shape li-ion batteries. They are made with aluminum or steel case, this packing protects them from being broken by sharp or hard objects, and works better in shaking status, but in some special case when the battery is damaged inside, it may explode, so on this aspect, li-ion battery is not as safe as lithium polymer battery. However, most li-ion batteries are cheaper than lithium polymer batteries; this is a big reason why it still occupies a big ratio of digital electronics battery markets.

How to choose between lithium polymer battery and li-ion battery?

If you have special requirements on the battery shape, especially thickness, you can use lithium polymer battery, which can be even 0.5mm thickness. Besides, if you want to minimize the product weight and get special shape like half circle, ultra narrow, arc, you need to use lithium polymer battery .If you have high safety requirements on the battery, lithium polymer battery is also the one.

If the battery cost affects too much in your design and marketing, you can use cheap li-ion batteries, if your product works under complicated and shaking environment, its recommended to use also the li-ion batteries.

In one word, you can choose them according to your actual situation and conditions.